Never Be Boring Again: Start Giving Brain-Friendly Presentations, 12/1/2015

Everyone needs solid presentation skills. Even technologists have to present their work offline and in person. Are you hiding behind your PowerPoint or stepping into your power? Business presentations are notoriously boring, artificial, mind numbing and ineffective. But YOURS doesn’t have to be. Join Marjorie Winther and Philly NetSquared for this interactive workshop if you want to become the presenter that people remember. Make your presentation come alive so that the audience wants to know more. Connect with people so they care about you and about what you are saying. Help your cause create maximum impact.

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We’ll learn how to:
· Create energy and enthusiasm with an opening
· Craft a personal story that connects with people
· Create buy in with interactions
· Manage Nerves (Take back your power!)
· Close so that the message is memorable

About Marjorie:
Marjorie Winther is the winner of the 2012 and 2015 First Person Arts Grand Slam, and currently carries the title of “Best Storyteller in Philadelphia”. Marjorie has been voted audience favorite at numerous First Person Arts story slams. She recently told stories at the WHYY Connections Festival, The Women in Comedy Festival, the Risk! Show (part of the Free Library Author Events), and Story Collider, part of the Philadelphia Science festival. When not performing, Marjorie designs and delivers corporate training programs and leads professional workshops. She recently taught empathy skills to 380 members of the Gas Workers Local 686. Before moving into the corporate world she taught middle and high school science in the Chicago Public Schools.

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