Net Tuesday 9/8/2015: Your Nonprofit Website in WordPress

Liam Dempsey, left, and Steve "@PodcastSteve" LubetkinLiam Dempsey, left, and Steve "@PodcastSteve" Lubetkin

It’s time to update your nonprofit’s website. You’ve already thought about your audience, the types of content you’d like to include, and the goals for your site. But how are you going to build your site? Will you use static HTML, or a content management system like WordPress?

In this talk, Liam Dempsey, Director and Designer at LBDesign, will share the benefits of using WordPress for your nonprofit website – without getting into code. He’ll share what WordPress can do, and provide insights on tools like themes and plugins. Then, our own Steve Lubetkin (co-author of the new book, The Business of Podcasting) will share some details about his redesign of the Philly NetSquared website, including some tips from his experience migrating the site from Drupal to WordPress.

This is the last event in our series, “Elements of a Successful¬†Nonprofit Website,” but please join us even if you missed previous events – there are no prerequisites. This will be particularly relevant for nonprofit leaders, content creators, and anyone else involved with a nonprofit website.

Arrive as early as 6 to grab a snack and do some networking. The program will begin right at 6:30. An audio podcast will be posted on this item following the program.

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