June 2, 2015: Your Nonprofit Website: Creating Content

Nicole Newman, left, and David Dylan ThomasNicole Newman, left, and David Dylan Thomas

You’ve decided to update your website, but what are you going to put on it? How do you decide what to include, and how does it affect your website’s design? Get all the basics in an interactive evening that’s part talk, part Q&A, and part workshop.

First Nicole Newman, author and President of Newman Networks, will share insights on designing your website to spotlight good content. She’ll cover dynamic web content, basic goal-setting for web content, and relevant design elements. Following her presentation, we’ll have a period for Q&A.

Then David Dylan Thomas, Content Strategy Philly organizer and founder of Con ktent Camp, will lead us in an interactive workshop on content strategy. We’ll divvy up into small groups to crank out the beginnings of a strategy, so you’ll go home with the skills to work on one for your organization. You can see David’s slide presentation here.

This is the third event in our series, “Elements of a Successful¬†Nonprofit Website,” but please join us even if you missed the first two – there are no prerequisites. This will be particularly relevant for writers, social media managers,¬†nonprofit leaders, and anyone involved with a nonprofit website.

Here is an audio podcast from the event:

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