March 3, 2015: Cryptocurrency / Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin. What is it? Why should we care? Will it take over the world? Come join the discussion to understand how cryptocurrencies came into existence and what the realistic future might be for the underlying technology. Plus more practical examples for getting involved with Bitcoin.

• Want to send money to someone using bitcoin? Learn how

• Have a 501(c)(3) and want to accept Bitcoin donations? You might qualify for FREE processing

• Want to accept bitcoin for your nonprofit and have it connected to a bank account? Learn how

• Want to exchange USD for bitcoins or bitcoins for USD? Learn how


Panelists included:

• Eric Grill, CEO of CoinOutlet Inc. – He is bringing a fully functional Bitcoin ATM. Want to get bitcoin or cash out? Do it here!

• Jason DiLuzio – Local Bitcoin promoter in Philadelphia

• Brandon Costello – Costello Media, a film and video production agency in Roxborough that accepts bitcoin as payment

• Luke Valenta – Graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania specializing in cryptography and computer security, and interested in distributed systems


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