The Occupy Movement and the Social Web: Views from Multiple Occupy Sites

The Occupy Movement has swept over the country and the world.  Here in Philadelphia, Occupy Philly was encamped at City Hall since October 6, until last week’s eviction.  But it is still going strong.  All of the Occupy sites around the world are constantly evolving into yet unknown structures.  But one thing remains constant: the heavy reliance on social tools.

  • How have Occupy sites been using social media and social networking tools?
  • How are these uses similar to, or different from, those of the “Arab Spring” and other international liberation movements?
  • How do changes to PHYSICAL Occupy encampments (due to Winter, forced evictions, etc.) affect the role of these VIRTUAL tools?

But the Occupy movement is, of course, much more than Occupy Philly.  So, we are planning a video conference so that multiple sites can share their experiences and perspectives with one another, and with you.  Our event will include live participation from social media representatives of:

  • Occupy Philly
  • Occupy Chicago
  • Occupy Greensboro (NC)
  • and possibly one more (depending on its own eviction events)

As usual, we’ll stream the event on the Internet (via, and use the Twitter hashtag #phlnet2, so anyone around the world can also participate.

In downtown Philly, we’ll gather at the Friends Center (1501 Cherry Street).  We’ll start the video conference some time between 6:30 and 7:00 PM, so please get there on time. Lite food will be served.

RSVP’s are strongly encouraged for this event.  Since Occupy Philly and other Occupies are moving targets, we want to be able to alert people to any last minute changes.

Thanks to the American Friends Service Committee for sponsoring.

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