Google Plus for Nonprofits and Social Change

Our August Philly Net Tuesday will be focused on Google+, the brand new social networking service from Google.

We’ll start gathering at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, August 2 in the Friends Center at 1501 Cherry Street. Plus we’ll be streaming the event live (see and paying attention to the Twitter backchannel (using #phlnet2).

Some things we’ll cover:

  • What is Google+ and how does it work?
  • Why is Google+ important (or not)? Will it rival/surpass Facebook?
  • How can Google+ help nonprofits and social change?

We’ll start off with some demonstrations of Google+ and its features, exploring circles, sparks, huddles and hangouts. (Bring your own laptop if you can, so you can “play along.”) We’ll talk about how Google+ relates to other Google products. We’ll discuss how we can use Google+ to help our organizations and causes. And we’ll speculate about where this is all going.

This will be an informal, interactive discussion. We’ll be prepared with some basics, but we need your help by doing one or more of the following:  

  1. Just come (in person or online). Your presence and perspective are more important than you may realize.
  2. Get your hands wet with Google Plus. During this beta phase, you must be invited by another user. If you don’t have somebody to invite you, please contact for an invite.
  3. Read up on Google+. There are lots of articles and blog posts, and more coming along every day.  Here are a couple places you might want to start (the last six of which were added on July 28):
  4. Offer to help lead part of the discussion! We’d love to have people who are prepared to help lead particular parts of the discussion, perhaps around how Google+ may be used for various types of causes, how it relates to the Google for Nonprofits Program or other Google tools, how this just feeds into Google’s Evil Empire aspirations, or any other angle of interest. If you’d like to help lead some of the discussion, please contact

Google Plus is new. It could be big (or it could be Google Wave). And we’re just learning about it.  Share the learning by coming to Net Tuesday — in person or online — or perhaps by getting involved as suggested above.

We gratefully acknowledge our sponsors for this event: The American Friends Service Committee and Chevy Volt.

See you on August 2!

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