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Prometheus Radio Project

We produced this video of a flash mob/direct action we organized in Washington D.C. in December of last year.  The event was an effort to place pressure on the National Association of Broadcasters to back off on their efforts to kill the bill we were trying to pass, the Local Community Radio Act.  We used the video as part of a press kit we blasted to hundreds of media across the US to generate press coverage on the issue.  The video was placed everywhere from NBC to NYT to the Huffington Post.  We had so many hits to our website that it crashed!   Simultaneously, we circulated the video through Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to get our supporters to call their legislators about this issue.  The video also caused our supporters to write hundreds of comments on the twitter site for the National Association of Broadcasters demanding that they stop trying to block more community radio.  One NAB staffer was heard saying, "We're getting beat up on Twitter by these community radio people."   We were successful in making this a big media issue and as a result, less than 5 days later the bill passed through Congress.   Hooray!

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