Video for Social Media

Join us for a visually entertaining and informative evening as we discuss Video for Social Media, how it differs from traditional video, and how it can be used most effectively for particular purposes. 

We’ll gather at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, July 5 at the Friends Center, 1501 Cherry Street.

Can’t make it to downtown Philly? Join us live, online, for the webcast at and share your questions or comments via the Twitter back-channel, using the hashtag #phlnet2 (read more about what the back-channel is).

This evening will have three main parts to it:

Part I: We will discuss how Video for Social Media can be used for different specific purposes across social networks including:

  • Fundraising/Friend-Raising
  • Community Advocacy
  • Event Videos
  • Promotional/Brand Awareness

Part II: We will show examples of video produced by nonprofit organizations and how they are utilizing it across social networks. And you can help!  Submit your own suggestions for good (or bad!) nonprofit or cause-oriented videos (and see what others have suggested). 

Part III: We will discuss do-it-yourself video production options, how these principles apply to your situation, and how and when to work with a professional.

We will also provide a handout with tips on how and where to distribute video content.

This event is geared towards…

  • Nonprofit professionals and activists who are looking to enhance their social media presence, or who seek creative options to further develop fundraising and promotional efforts.
  • Techies who want to learn some video SEO and distribution tips.
  • Citizens who want to delve into the world of online video and gain a deeper understanding of how it is used on the social web.

Tonight’s presenters

Michael Schweisheimer, owner and executive producer of Primitive World Productions, is an award-winning Philadelphia-based filmmaker with 19 years of experience behind the camera. Michael founded Primitive World Productions in 2000 with an emphasis on nonprofit organizations, helping them to convey their missions to the public through video communication. He enjoys consulting, speaking, and teaching about the intersection between nonprofits, education, and green organizations with video production.

Deborah Arnold Brown is a writer, producer, director and editor for Primitive World Productions, and has been working in video production for over fifteen years. With degrees in history and anthropology, she loves working on projects that keep her learning about cultural diversity, and American society. She has become increasingly interested in the correlation between the rise of social media and the evolving role of online video, and can be found writing about it on as well as on her own blog, “Video for Social Media.”

The evening promises to be fun, informative and practical. RSVPs are appreciated for planning purposes, but not required.  We’ll bring the popcorn (and other light fare). You bring your interest, enthusiasm and perspectives. Hope to see you there!

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