Social Web Sampler

Philly NetSquared is proud to present our second annual Social Web Sampler.

We’ll have fifteen 20-minute discussions on the social web-related topics that you have volunteered to lead. (Five simultaneous stations x 3 time rounds.) They are, in no particular order:

  • Making Social Media Part of Your Regular Day
  • Using a wiki for group coordination
  • Using Video for Social Media
  • Live blogging/streaming your organization’s event
  • (Audio) podcasting
  • Tracking Your Organization’s Online Reputation
  • Using WordPress to Build a Web Site
  • Drupal 7: Shiny and new; is it for you?
  • Using QR Codes to effectively promote your nonprofit’s web site
  • Video Podcasting
  • Virtual Worlds
  • What is the purpose of using social media tools
  • Video, Public Access TV, You Tube as Town Hall Forum
  • How faith-based organizations can use social media to further ministry

Plus, we’ll have one slot in the final round that attendees will select on-site — maybe for something that wasn’t covered, or maybe for something you want to talk more about.

What will the discussions be like? That’s also up to you, but they’re likely to address:

  • How are nonprofits and activists using these tools?
  • How can they be used most effectively for your nonprofit or social cause?
  • What are the latest developments and trends?

In order to retain more of the knowledge generated in these groups, we’ll have a sheet at each station for people to add additional resources (websites, books, articles, etc.) that come up during the discussion. So if you know of resources that apply to discussions you might participate in, bring ’em along. We’ll combine these with any resources provided by the presenters, and redistribute them to all attendees after the event.

If you haven’t already done so, RSVP’s via Meetup or Facebook are appreciated for planning (but not required).

Like last year’s Sampler, this will be a highly interactive gathering with lots of shared knowledge, networking and excitement. Refreshments will be available. (NOTE: Because of the small-group format, we will NOT be streaming or recording this event.)

Thanks to the American Friends Service Committee for sponsorship.

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