Crowdsourcing Change: Applied Use of the Social Web

We are thrilled to announce the three local nonprofits that will be the focus of our Crowdsourcing Change event on April 5:

  • The Academy of Natural Sciences
  • The Painted Bride Art Center
  • The Chemical Heritage Foundation

In this highly participatory format representatives of each of these Philly cultural and scientific icons will present their goals and current social web strategies to the crowd (that’s us!).  Then, in a facilitated discussion, attendees share advice, perspectives and feedback to help these nonprofits move their social dimension forward.  (See more information about these organizations, and their social web objectives, below.)

The event will begin at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, April 5 at the Friends Center, 1501 Cherry Street.  Plus, we’ll be streaming the event live over the Internet (via and supporting a Twitter backchannel (hashtag: #phlnet2), so our crowd can extend beyond our walls and city.

This is a wonderful learning and sharing opportunity for everyone who attends, as we share our best current thinking; and just maybe help these popular organizations better fulfill their important missions.

More information about our special guests:

Academy of Natural Sciences

Presenters: Dennis Murphy, Web Manager and Mike Servedio, Membership Services Associate

The Academy of Natural Sciences is a research institute and natural history museum that delights visitors via engaging programs and memorable exhibits, which include wildlife dioramas, a dinosaur hall, live animal center and butterfly garden. Celebrating its bicentennial in 2012, the Academy’s mission is to encourage and cultivate the sciences, explore the biodiversity of our natural world and share these discoveries with the public.

Questions the Academy of Natural Sciences would like our crowd to answer include :

  • How can we use social media to better communicate who we are and what we do?
  • How should we differentiate what we post on Facebook and Twitter?
  • What social media considerations should we make for our main website, which we are currently converting to a Drupal content management system?

Find out more about the Academy of Natural Sciences at:

Painted Bride Art Center

Presenter: Phil Sumpter, Director of Marketing and Communications

The Painted Bride celebrates the transformative power of the arts. Featuring jazz, world music, dance, theater, performance art, video, poetry, spoken word and visual arts, the Bride produces and presents performances as well as offers forums to facilitate dialogue about contemporary social issues.

Questions the Painted Bride would like our crowd to answer include :

  • What types of social media posts work best for instilling meaningful dialogue?
  • How can we effectively encourage people to follow/friend us on Twitter and Facebook?
  • What kind of social media strategies are effective for getting people to do something specific such as repost, retweet, or buy something?

Find out more about the Painted Bride at:

Chemical Heritage Foundation

Presenter: Monica Fonorow, Promotions Coordinator

The Chemical Heritage Foundation helps foster an understanding of chemistry’s impact the world. Through exhibits, programs and research the organization strives to inspire a passion for chemistry, to preserve the story of chemistry, and shed light on chemistry’s role in meeting current social challenges.

Questions the Chemical Heritage Foundation would like our crowd to answer include :

  • How can we promote our events on social media while also avoiding a steady stream of marketing and PR posts?
  • Other than posting good content what else can we do to increase engagement and grow our following?
  • Is it effective for organizations such as ours to live tweet events? If yes, which events?

Find out more about the Chemical Heritage Foundation at:

RSVP’s via Facebook or Meetup are appreciated for planning, but not required.  It’s more important that you show up (in person or virtually) with your ideas and enthusiasm for enhancing the social dimension of Philadelphia’s rich cultural and scientific scene.

Our sincere gratitude goes to the American Friends Service Committee for sponsoring this event.

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