Join Deanna Zandt on Sept. 7

Our September Net Tuesday will feature author Deanna Zandt. Read more about Deanna’s book, Share This! How You Will Change the World with Social Networking, below, and join us on Sept. 7!

The times are not just a-changin’, they’re a-revolutionizin’! As social media becomes increasingly present in our everyday lives, a major democratic cultural shift is underway. Through the power of relationships, sharing of experiences, and organizing online, previously marginalized voices are pouring into and shaping public conversations like never before.

But serious change will not happen on its own. Despite the increasing presence of a diversity of voices and faces, the Internet isn’t fulfilling its disruptive potential; more often than not, it’s simply replicating and amplifying inequality and segregation. The good news? The fundamental building block common to every social movement is the power of the narrative. Your story… and your willingness to share others’ stories with your networks… can mean the difference between progressive change and perpetuating the status quo. We need you here, building and mapping your relationships, sharing your experience and creating pipelines of empathy and trust that will change the world.

This book is a blueprint for understanding why and how this medium of exchange works, and how our personal stories and daily experiences comprise a profoundly political picture that leads to social action and social change. Through a fun and accessible exploration of the intersection of philosophy, psychology, sociology and technology, it looks at how an historical convergence of forces has constructed a platform of immense possibility. Finally, the book offers concrete strategies and advice for both individuals and organizations looking to engage in this digital extension of our humanity. It shows, quite simply, how YOU will change the world.

Join Deanna Zandt at the September Net Tuesday!

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