Video and Notes from Using Facebook for Social Change, Jun 1, 2010

Video and Notes

Net Tuesday Facebook Clinic Notes

Notes from the second half of the “Using Facebook for Social Change” event, in which the panelists and audience offered advice in the form of a “clinic” for nonprofits, groups and activists seeking to use Facebook for social change.

Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (Page | Group)

•  No official presence

•  Teachers took initiative to create a group and page

•  Wall being co-opted by dating services and non-appropriate material

•  Do not have an official page – boss does not want one

•  How do you keep the conversation current?

•  How can they use it…

?   School safety

?   Issues like charter schools, legislation, etc

?   Help teachers protect themselves

•  How do you control the dialogue to address the above issues

•  Stop people posting on the wall – need to be an admin for that page

•  There is a trademark infringement issue here for these pages that were created not by official representatives – should get in touch with FB and those administrators

•  Ask curretn administrators to allow an official representative be an admin

Inspire Children Foundation (Page)

•  Mistakenly set up as a local business rather than a non-profit

•  Only way to do it is to shut it down and re-create it (see here)

•  Is this really a big deal?

?  Yes – won’t show up under that when you search

?  FB does not allow you to have an account for a non-personal entity

Wagner Free Institute of Science (Page)

•  Once sided conversation – just posting events

? How to use for conversation and how to generate fundraising dollars

•  Start a blog

•  Link to those people coming to lecture on FB (need to start with an “@” then type the name of person or page – need to have a personal connection with the page in order to do this – not enough to just be connected to the page)

•  Invite people to the event through the page

•  Send updates to fans

•  Let those people coming to the events promote it as well – utilize links to the most!

Transformative Language Arts Network (Page)

•  Want to increase attendance at conference

•  Want to buy FB ads – how much should they spend?

•  $9 a day thrown out

•  Can set targets by a locale, zip codes, demographics, interests, Etc.

•  Want to reach out to men who have interest in this

New Sanctuary Movement

•  200 members of group, have 700 members of e-mail list

•  Group should be focused, page should be broad

•  Example: Fight the arts tax group that Phila Arts and Culture Alience set up.  Good for issue based things – subsidiary of other things

•  Redundancy is not a bad thing

•  Creating events on a page – you need to invite all of the pages

•  Mixed results – can you send it to everyone who are fans?  Some say yes it is possible, some say its not – it appears that with the revamping of FB events it is no longer possible to invite all of the fans of a page, just your friends, and it is not possible to message events created through a page.

One City One Voice (Page)

•  Use the static FBML application to have a custom landing page

•  FB is too complicated

•  Contest – want youth to post videos

•  Alternative is to use youtube

•  Want a link directly to that tab

•  What is preventing them from doing it – confused about where to upload it – how to help them?

•  May need to show instruction

•  Tutorials are out there

•  You can link directly to the video tab – has a unique URL

•  Need to post to the wall about it every day

•  Kids are born knowing how to upload videos

Creative Arts and Aging Network (Page)

•  How do you make custom landing page?

•  Change in settings

Who has different FB and web page

•  The multitude of websites you need to be on (web)

•  Promoting a documentary film

•  How do you divide your time to promoting on FB, vs website

•  Search for interests on FB and send personal messages

•  Value to being on FB

•  There are ways to connect Joomla and FB

•  Also search for groups and pages that are in same non-profit ecosystem

•  Treat social media as an online networking event

•  Tagging – casino free Philadelphia tagged US Social Forum – showed up on their wall.  Need to start with @ and it will allow you to link to other pages/groups/events/people, etc.  need to have a connection in order to tag

North Philadelphia Arts and Culture Alliance (Page)

•  Can that page tag another page?

•  Yes – need to be affiliated with them in some way

•  How to unify different organizations under one umbrella?

•  Could community page have value here?

•  Showcase other orgs posts

•  Reposting has value

•  Utilizing the “share” function to post items on your page

•  For orgs with long names – any way to use an alias – no way to change, but no way to change once its live

News feeds and status updates

·      Good feed vs bad feed (live feed vs news feed)

·      Click on top news vs most recent – FB uses some type of algorithm to figure this out

·      See your posts on your profile

Non-profit Technology Resources (Page)

·      Primary presence on Twitter

·      Variety of posts for 30 people

·      Can post even if you are not an administrator

·      Content is king – need to develop your content

·      Need to look for other sites out there that do the same thing – need to be personal

·      Make yourself an administrator

·      Grow fans – encourage people through e-mail and other channels

·      Need to focus your message

·      Information box needs to be our elevator pitch

Multi-lingual posting

·      Need to communicate in 4 different languages

·      Can’t auto show it in diff places

·      Maybe create 4 different pages

·      Can you hook into google translate

·      Consensus – have four different pages – one in each language

If you don’t know what to do with your FB page, don’t do it.

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