Social Entrepreneurs, the Social Web and Social Change

Social Entrepreneurs, the Social Web and Social Change



Join us for a fascinating discussion featuring Garrett Melby, CEO of GoodCompany Ventures, Blake Jennelle, founder of Missioneurs, other local social entrepreneurs and you! We’ll be meeting at the Jenkins Law Library (see directions below).

Social Entrepreneur (n.): someone who recognizes a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage a venture to make social change.

We will discuss:

  • What does social entrepreneurship have to do with the social web?
  • How is new web technology and social entrepreneurship revolutionizing the way change happens?
  • How can the principles of social entrepreneurship be applied to nonprofits?
  • What’s happening locally, including examples of local social enterprises and ways to get more involved.


As part of the program, social entrepreneurs will be giving two minute elevator speeches about their idea or existing venture. Following these brief presentations, we will have a networking session where attendees will have an opportunity to meet the entrepreneurs, learn more, ask questions, offer advice and possibly find ways to get more involved.

If you have an existing social venture or an entrepreneurial idea to bring about social change, please fill out this form to reserve a place to present your elevator speech. Speeches should be no longer than two minutes and may include a pitch asking attendees for help/advice/getting more involved, particularly as it relates to the social web.  (see some early sign-ups below)

Learn More:

Philly NetSquared
Philadelphia NetSquared gathers together nonprofits and activists, tech leaders and funders, and everyone who’s interested in using technology for social change.

GoodCompany Ventures
GoodCompany Ventures catalyzes start-ups with innovative solutions to big, unmet social needs. GoodCompany entrepreneurs are offered a great place to work in Philadelphia, a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, and access to a network of capital sources and expert advisors. We champion models that offer investors financial return and social impact.

Missioneurs is a community of mission entrepreneurs coming together around our common sense of mission and hard-nosed entrepreneurial approach.


Social Entrepreneur Showcase signups so far:

Community Tech Centers
“I’m looking for help collecting and sharing information about the training and computer access services of low-cost or free neighborhood-based computer training resources in Philadelphia.”  — Stan Pokras

“A web venue selling content management system themes that incorporate high concept, commissioned, traditional (e.g., painting, mixed media, sculpture, etc.) and digital artwork and exposes the artist to a network of buyers and other artists in a way they never could before.”   – David Kaplan

Green Home Improvement Corporation
“Our mission is to reduce the carbon footprint of existing homes by helping homeowners make their homes more environmentally friendly and sustainable.”   – Don Veon

LongTail Grants
“LongTail Grants will be an online fundraising platform that encourages and catalyzes individuals to raise money for their own self-initiated, socially beneficial projects.”   – Daniel Garblik

Lumin Biosensor
“Novel water contamination testing leveraging research in synthetic biology”  — Mattew Owens

People’s Stats
“People’s real statistics on their cancer treatments – for people to quickly see what treatment worked and who was the doctor. Invaluable for a newly diagnosed people and their caregivers who face fast decision making and very scattered information.”  — Anna Gutkina

Rah Rah (
“Leveraging exponential growth in technology and social networking to inspire a rapid transition to a solar-powered economy through social gaming and electronics industry alliances.”  — Clifford Stevens

“Letting online financial accounts replicate (reproduce, creating “children” accounts and family trees) opens doors to new business models, and could be revolutionary.”   – John S. James

“For every photo that you share of a meal on, $1 is given to reduce hunger.”   — Devon Segal

Teen Entrepreneur Center
“Have youth work a together to make and sell t-shirts as a means for summer employment.”   – Vicki Tate


Jenkins Law Library is located on the 12th floor of the 833 Chestnut Street building, directly across from the Ben. Franklin. Use the Chestnut Street entrance. Please tell security that you are attending the NetTuesday/TechSoup event at Jenkins. You will be required to sign in. The elevators unload on the 12th floor in front of Jenkins’ main doors. There will be a devilishly handsome young man behind the front desk to direct you to the event.

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