Crowdsourcing Change:

If you’re a citizen: This is the place to find out about, take part in, and contribute to science through recreational activities and research projects.

If you’re a scientist or a representative of a citizen science organization or community group: This is the place to tell eager citizens about your work and get them interested in helping out.

Our Mission will bring together the millions of citizen scientists in the world; the thousands of potential projects offered by researchers, organizations, and companies; and the resources, products, and services that enable citizens to pursue and enjoy these activities. We aim to:

  • Enable and encourage people to learn about, participate in, and contribute to science through both informal recreational activities and formal research efforts.
  • Inspire greater appreciation and promote a better understanding of science and technology among the general public.
  • Create a shared space where scientists can talk with citizens interested in working on or learning about their research projects.
  • Satisfy the popular urge to tinker, build, and explore by making it simple and fun for people—singles, parents, grandparents, kids—to jump in and get their hands dirty with science.

This is also a home for members to create their own blogs, link up with like-minded people, compare images/field reports both on Sci4Cits and through links to  their Twitter, Facebook, etc, accounts, and converse with the science community.

Crowdsourcing Change” will be a highly participatory event where attendees will have an opportunity to help three “Social Changers” who are using — or trying to use — the social web for the common good. is one of our three presenters. Feel free to ask questions in the comments ahead of time, and read more about the event to learn about the other presenters.

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