Crowdsourcing Change: EarthGame

We are working with the UN on developing a giant “dashboard” for the world. This 32 foot by 8 foot high-definition video wall will be a permanent installation at the UN Headquarters in New York where millions of people will see it. There will also be a web version where even more will be able to see and interact with the dashboard.

The project makes the vital statistics of the world increasingly transparent, available, interesting and useful to more and more people—and in ways that are easily understandable and exciting. The purpose is to provide an overview and status report on what is happening right now on Spaceship Earth.

The dashboard will use UN and other data sources for displaying the likes of population, food, energy, health, climate, etc. BUT:

  1. There are other things happening in the world that can’t be shown with historical statistical indicators. This is where social media could play a valuable role.
  2. We want the Earth Dashboard to be interactive, and social media could play a role here as well.
  • How can this be accomplished?
  • What could we do with social media that would make the Earth Dashboard more interactive?
  • How could a dashboard for the world make visible this real, important, but invisible dimension?


Crowdsourcing Change” will be a highly participatory event where attendees will have an opportunity to help three “Social Changers” who are using — or trying to use — the social web for the common good. is one of our three presenters. Feel free to ask questions in the comments ahead of time, and read more about the event to learn about the other presenters.

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  1. I enjoyed your presentation. Have you heard of this organization

    Someone mentioned possibly displaying moods and feelings of people viewing the dashboard. It reminded me of an application I saw on the Processing web site. It’s called We Feel Fine.

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