Zivtech is passionate about Drupal and the Open Source Movement, and that creative energy infects everything we do. We love building robust and cutting edge online applications, creating and empowering communities, and working within one of the most amazing professional communities in the world.

Our active participation in the Drupal community pushes us to write and share great code, help throw Drupal events, and mentor and train new Drupal talent. It also means we know about all of the latest developments and trends, which modules work well, and which ones should be avoided. Working with other developers in the community, we push the code our clients need toward becoming part of the Drupal project, ensuring an upgrade path for our clients in the future. This level of community involvement ultimately lowers the costs for our clients by decreasing time needed for both planning and troubleshooting.

Our services include site architecture, building, theming, deployment, migrations, and updates. We also offer more advanced services such as module development, web services integration through communication services (such as XML-RPC, AMFPHP, and SOAP) and third party software (such as Flash, DocBook, and MediaWiki). In addition, Zivtech offers trainings for all levels of users and developers.

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