Using Online Social Networks to Cultivate Leadership

We’re planning an interactive discussion with some exciting case studies of how nonprofits and grassroots community groups are using the social web — networks like Facebook and media like YouTube — to inspire leadership among their supporters and deepen their commitment to the cause.


  • How can organizations use the social web to empower supporters to move to the next level of commitment — from passive subscriber to active community leader, from event attendee to event volunteer, from anonymous donor to community fundraiser?
  • What tools can organizations employ not only to ensure that their message gets out, but so that supporters also learn to speak with their own voice about the cause?
  • What kind of metrics can you use to measure your level of success in the social web? How can you approach executive staff or board members unfamiliar with online social networks and social media?

We’ll be joined by Bryan Mercer from the Media Mobilizing Project. MMP exists to unleash the powerful combination of communications, media making and organizing in order to clarify the issues at stake, document lived human realities, and act as a tool to inspire and unite those who have a vested interested in change. They’ve worked with grassroots organizations including the Philadelphia Student Union, PA Head Start Association, Taxi Workers Alliance of PA, UNITE-HERE Hotel Workers Rising Campaign and the African American Business and Residents Association to implement new tactics for the creative use of media in organizing campaigns.

In addition, we’ll examine some specific case studies, like Casino-Free Philadelphia and others (including those raised by you, the attendees).

Using social media to cultivate leadership is an exciting and quickly developing phenomenon. If you’d like to read some more about it, feel free to check out these resources:

RSVP’s are appreciated, but are by no means required. Feel free to stop by, and bring a friend.

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