May 6: Our Inaugural Net Tuesday Philly!

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6:30 PM
Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Independents Hall

32 Strawberry Street, Second Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19106 (Google Map)

Strawberry St. runs parallel to, and between, 2nd and 3rd Sts., and Indy Hall is just north of Chestnut (only a block from the 2nd Street Market-Frankford line station). There is on-street parking in the area and some parking lots on 2nd Street.

You should also feel feel free to simply show up — and bring friends!

Technology for social change, non-profits using “web 2.0” to advocate for causes, changemakers spreading the word and hosting decentralized fundraisers through social networks like MySpace and Facebook — that’s what Philly Net Tuesdays are all about!

Non-profits and activists in the Philadelphia area are increasingly using the web and social software to foster social change. Join Philly NetSquared as we bring together web innovators and social changemakers to socialize, strategize, learn from and inspire one another.

For our inaugural meeting on May 6, we’ll begin gathering at 6:30 PM, and have two presentation/demonstrations:

  • Friends for Peace (, a project of the American Friends Service Committee (, will be discussed by its creators, Aaron Crosman and Mark Graham. Putting faces on the diverse majority of people who oppose the Iraq war, FoP won the best integrated online and off-line e-campaign award from the E-Philanthropy Foundation.
  • Ivan Boothe, who works with the Genocide Intervention Network ( will give an overview of how the group has used social networking in a variety of ways — using Facebook to raise money, using MySpace to keep members engaged, and folding it all together to help create public pressure for anti-genocide legislation.

Note: We’ll have some light refreshments, but please feel free to bring your own food or drink. (This will be an informal gathering.)

Be a Net Tuesday presenter! We are always looking for people to share their stories about using technology for social change — promote your organization, talk about the innovative work you’re doing, and inspire others to follow your lead! Contact us if you have a story to tell.

NetSquared is a national organization with chapters in many cities. Net Tuesdays are independent gatherings encouraged by NetSquared.

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