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Rob Stuart

Rob Stuart, a long-time member and leader of the nonprofit technology scene, both here in Philly and nationally, died Wednesday, October 26th. He came to several Net Tuesdays, and spoke at the February 2009 event on Democracy 2.0. He was an amazing and inspiring activist and technologist, as well as just being an incredibly nice man.

After the jump, more about Rob and how we’re responding as a community.

The NetSquared Mashup Challenge has just concluded. The three winners, chosen by conference attendees, emphasize all three areas of the NetSquared community: social technology, nonprofit tools and social change.

Some really incredible presentations here at the NetSquared conference, both from featured projects and individual speakers. Seth and I are busily collecting information for next Tuesday’s event.

Meeting other Net Tuesday organizers

It was great to meet face to face with other Net Tuesday organizers.

The NetSquared Year Three conference has gotten off to a great start — nonprofit staffers, activists, techies and funders gathering to talk about — and award some money to — using technology for social change.

NetSquared Year 3 attendees

NetSquared DC is hosting an event on Tuesday, May 20 at 7:30 PM. The event will be streamed live on the web at

Details of the event from NetSquared DC follow.

Seth Horwitz and Ivan Boothe of Philly NetSquared are attending the third annual NetSquared conference in San Jose, California. There’s an extensive agenda for the two days, focusing on 21 featured projects from a variety of nonprofits and social change organizations.

Ivan and Seth will be posting items on this blog as the conference develops. But wait! You can participate too!

If you have specific ideas or questions you want asked at the conference, feel free to contact Ivan or Seth.

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