Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance

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The Cultural Alliance is committed to the power of arts and culture in our everyday lives.

From the people, by the people and for the people- our collective work recharges those we care about, adds meaning to our children’s education, energizes our neighborhoods and powers economic investment and revitalization.

We connect cultural resources to community needs; provide direct services for nonprofit cultural organizations; produce direct marketing programs for cultural consumers and lead cultural research, advocacy and policy work.

The Cultural Alliance was established in 1972 by nine Philadelphia cultural institutions to coordinate historical and cultural activities for the Bicentennial Celebration. It was subsequently incorporated as a membership organization for cultural organizations to discuss and resolve issues of mutual concern. Over time, the Alliance’s offerings have grown to include programs and services in marketing, policy and advocacy, grantmaking, research, and health and employee benefits and its impact reaches 375 member organizations as well as the region as a whole.

Since 2000, the Cultural Alliance has transformed itself into a leadership organization that helps shape major regional policy decisions, increases public engagement in arts and culture, and ensures that culture is a key element of Philadelphia’s renaissance. The Cultural Alliance has made significant contributions to the cultural sector of the region and has become one of the leading cultural alliances in the country.