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Join us on Tuesday, August 2, in person in Philadelphia or online via webcast and Twitter, for an event on using Google Plus — Google’s new social network — with a focus on nonprofits and social change. And yes, if you aren’t already on Google+, you can get an invite from us!

Some things we’ll cover:

  • What is Google+ and how does it work?
  • Why is Google+ important (or not)? Will it rival/surpass Facebook?
  • How can Google+ help nonprofits and social change?

We’ll start off with some demonstrations of Google+ and its features, exploring circles, sparks, huddles and hangouts. We’ll talk about how Google+ relates to other Google products. We’ll discuss how we can use Google+ to help our organizations and causes. And we’ll speculate about where this is all going.

Read more about the event, getting a Google+ invite, and driving directions, or RSVP on Facebook or Meetup. If you can’t make it in person, be sure to follow along online live on Aug. 2!

Join us Tuesday, July 5, in person or live online for a visually entertaining and informative evening as we discuss Video for Social Media, how it differs from traditional video, and how it can be used most effectively for particular purposes.

Before the event, check out some of the examples of nonprofit videos that other Philly NetSquared attendees have suggested. Which are your favorites? Which do you think aren’t as effective as they could be? Leave your comments on the videos, and add your own!

A social web sampler

Update: Thanks to everyone who came!

Tuesday, June 7 is Philly NetSquared’s Social Web Sampler, starting at 6:00 PM at the Friends Center, 1501 Cherry Street.

We’ll have fifteen 20-minute discussions on social web-related topics relevant to nonprofits and social change activists. Topics include: advocacy, blogging, Drupal, metrics, podcasting, QR codes, Twitter, video, virtual worlds, wikis and WordPress.

We’ll be distributing resources from each discussion to all attendees after the event. So even if you can’t make it to all the discussions you’d like to, you’ll still be able to see some of the books, websites, and other resources offered.

Like last year’s Sampler, this will be a highly interactive gathering with lots of shared knowledge, networking and excitement. Refreshments will be available.

Read more about the event and RSVP! You can also view the event on Facebook or Meetup.

Due to the weather forecast, we’ve decided to POSTPONE our Privacy and the Social Web event until our next Net Tuesday on March 1.

Take a look at the event listing for Tuesday, March 1, which we’ll update with more detailed information as we confirm speakers and such for the new date.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and for the last-minute notice, but with the weather being as weird and unpredictable as it has been, this seems to be the appropriate course of action.

Our February March Net Tuesday is about privacy and social change on the web. What do you think nonprofits and activists should know about privacy? What concerns do you have about your own privacy on the web?

We’ve got four great presenters discussing privacy and online organizing, “anonymous” activism, privacy and the use of for-profit social tools like Facebook and Google, and privacy and your organization’s presence on the web.

Read more about the event, and join us on Tuesday, March 1!

Join us tonight, Jan. 4, online and in person in Philadelphia, for a panel discussion on community media and nonprofits!

Local community media experts will discuss how nonprofits can make and distribute their own videos, audio, and photography. Participants will have a chance to see examples of media created by nonprofits and other community groups and have the opportunity to ask the experts questions about creating community media content for their own causes.

Presenters: Philly Community Access Media (PhillyCAM) and WHYY’s Public Media Commons and new Newsworks journalism portal.

Join us on Tuesday evening, Dec. 7, online via a webcast and Twitter channel, or in person at the Friends Center in Philadelphia for Crowdsourcing Change: Applied Use of the Social Web.

Crowdsourcing Change is a highly participatory event where attendees (the crowd) provide constructive feedback and advice to help three “social changers” who are using — or trying to use — the social web to advance their cause or project. This month, we’re featuring three organizations: AIDS Policy Project, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, and the Police Athletic League of Philadelphia.

Our event was featured in this week’s Philadelphia Citypaper, who wrote that Crowdsourcing Change “is a learning ground for local activists and non-profit groups to utilize social technology to their advantage.”

Our event is free and open to all — nonprofit staffers, tech gurus, social change activists and those interested in the intersections between all three. Learn more about the event.

Please join us on Tuesday, Nov. 9, in person at 6:00 PM and in a live online broadcast at 6:30 PM Eastern.

As results of the mid-term election change the players in Washington, and across the states, important questions loom large:

  • What is “net neutrality”, and why is it important?
  • What fights looming in Washington are essential for us to be aware of?
  • Have the results of this week’s election helped or harmed the causes we care about?

We’re getting together to learn about these issues, and to better understand some of the laws and regulations that can ensure or inhibit our ability to connect with one another in a free, open and empowering social web.

Learn more about the event.